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Restaurant La Traite is the perfect place to discover cuisine inspired by the Indigenous terroir. With its peeled tree trunks as columns and wild animal skins, this modern decor inspired by Indigenous knowledge takes us right into the heart of nature. During the summer, the magnificent terrace on the edge of the Akiawenrahk’ river offers a unique atmosphere in Québec City. In this exceptional setting comes the opportunity to taste game meats, sauces made from berries native to the region, and various herbs from the boreal forest. Whether you come to experience a thematic three- or four-course table d’hôte meal or simply to enjoy an à la carte dish, you will quickly understand why Restaurant La Traite is one of the best fine dining spots in Québec City. The menu includes carefully thought-out food and wine pairings (Indigenous private import wines available), fish and game meats smoked in-house, local and organic products, signature dishes, “sharing” menus, four- or six-course thematic tables d’hôte meals, vegetarian options and homemade desserts. In short, its immersive experience, unique food and wine pairings, and Indigenous terroir cuisine make Restaurant La Traite a complete experience not to be missed in Québec City. Private lounge available by reservation.
  1. L’ÉVEIL DU CASTOR (breakfast)



  4. DE NOTRE TERRE MÈRE (lunch)

  5. LA FAIM DE LOUP (evening)



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A unique atmosphere

Discover our terrace

The Restaurant La Traite terrace is one of the 10 most beautiful terraces in Québec City according to Prestige Magazine! Close to nature and on the banks of the Akiawenrahk’ river, you will be charmed by its atmosphere, no matter what time of day it is. In the evening, you will find an illuminated forest as well as a fireplace that adds warmth to this already enchanting setting. Our terrace is open as soon as the weather allows it. You are welcome any time of the day, whether for breakfast, midday lunch, evening dinner, for a Kwe Beer, or simply one of our cocktails inspired by the Huron-Wendat clans. It will quickly become your favourite spot for your evenings with friends or as a couple. This terrace in the heart of a beautiful natural setting unquestionably deserves to be ranked as one of the most beautiful terraces in Québec City.

  • The clans' cocktails

    The terroir has its own place in our cocktail menu! Inspired by the four Huron-Wendat family clans (wolf, bear, deer, and turtle), these different cocktails allow you to discover local products in a very different way. Push your exploration further by creating your own cocktail thanks to our gin bar or taste a private import from our wine cellar, specially selected by our sommelier!

  • Kwe Beer

    Kwe Beer: a Wendat-inspired craft lager beer! Brewed especially for Wendake, this blonde made from corn will charm you in summer and winter. Why corn? Because it is one of the elements of the three sisters and an agricultural technique traditionally practised by the Huron-Wendat. The three sisters are in fact three plants (the climbing bean, corn, and squash) that complement each other as they grow together. Kwe Beer is only available in Wendake–a must try!

  • Wendat Kir

    Each country (or almost) has its kir! We are no exception to the rule because we have created our own kir made from sparkling wine and cloudberry liqueur. Cloudberry, a small, tangy orange fruit that looks a bit like blackberry, is the perfect complement to the sparkling wine. Perfect for all occasions!

  • Rhubarb water

    A must try! Rhubarb water is the quintessential non-alcoholic cocktail. Perfectly tangy and slightly sweet, you will be charmed by its unique and thirst-quenching taste. Available in a still or sparkling version, it is the ideal drink for your family brunches because it is sure to satisfy young and old. Versatile, this drink also goes very well with one of our many gins from our gin bar. A favorite local product to discover or re-discover!

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The La Traite team

A chef sommelier, WSET certification, a chef dedicated to the search for new local flavours, passionate cooks, a pastry chef overflowing with new ideas, and, above all, a team of passionate servers and clerks: this is what the La Traite team is made of. Their mission: “To provide a unique experience in an inspiring environment to share the history and modernity of the First Nations. With a constant concern for going above and beyond, to create an environment where everyone’s involvement is the heart of the human experience that we are committed to providing.”