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Huron-Wendat Museum

Huron-Wendat Museum

Inaugurated in 2008, the Huron-Wendat Museum is a national institution of the Huron-Wendat people that oversees the conservation and presentation of their heritage.

Through its permanent exhibition “Territories, Memories, Knowledge”, its temporary exhibitions schedule, activities and thematic workshops, the museum fulfills its mandate of teaching and disseminating knowledge of the history, the culture, and the arts of the Huron-Wendat people, as well as of other First Nations. For visitors, the museum is also the gateway to the interpretation of other heritage sites in Wendake, including the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church, the Kabir Kouba waterfall, and the Tsawenhohi House. Visit their website to discover the various visits, activities or workshops available.

Huron-Wendat Museum

Awen’ boutique

Don’t forget to end your visit to the Museum by taking a break in our giftshop called Awen’ (water), which offers an impressive range of authentic products for you to immerse yourself in the creek of Huron-Wendat and other First Nations knowledge and skills.

Discover a magnificent selection of arts and crafts: moccasins, necklaces, pottery and others, traditional knowledge is in the spotlight, and you are sure to find what you are looking for. And that’s not to mention the books on the history, the local flora and cuisine, the Huron-Wendat and First Nations cultures and traditions, the exhibition catalogues and even some products bearing the Museum’s logo. There’s something for everyone!

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Huron-Wendat Museum

Ekionkestha’ National Longhouse

A real longhouse in Québec City! Our national longhouse was designed by an archaeologist so we can guarantee its structural authenticity. Visiting this building will give you a completely immersive Indigenous experience. Accessible via visits to the Huron-Wendat Museum, our Myths and Legends activity, in an accommodation package, or during your meetings or conventions. Include a customized Indigenous experience in your event.

Hotel | Museum Boutique

Online Store

Reflecting the First Nations’ culture and history

Let yourself be enchanted by the First Peoples’ creativity and culture. Although Huron-Wendat artists have made most of the items, you can find some items from other communities.

Our online store offers a range of products for adults and children that will please everyone as a souvenir or gift.

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Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations

Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations

Do you want to extend your stay? Discover our packages combining accommodation and catering. In fact, in the same complex as the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations, a four-star hotel offers luxurious rooms that allow you to continue your immersion in the rich Huron-Wendat culture and history.

Harmoniously combining traditions with modern comfort, each room includes a wireless internet connection, access to our indoor pool, and a unique view of the Akiawenrahk’ (Saint-Charles) river and its woods.

When the weather is nice, you will have a lovely time strolling through the gardens and scenic paths surrounding the buildings. Surely one of the most enchanting settings in Québec City.

For more information on our packages or rooms, consult the website of the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations.

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