Private Lounge

A private lounge is available directly at Restaurant La Traite. Accommodating up to 15 guests, it is ideal for business meetings, small family groups, or simply for social events. The recent renovations bring a touch of modernity with the addition of soundproofing and audiovisual equipment (available as a meeting package). The decor remains warm with elements reminiscent of Indigenous traditions. Reservations required.

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Akiawenrahk' Room

More modern in order to serve you better. The Akiawenrahk’ room is perfect for all small committee meetings. It recently got a tech upgrade including ceiling microphones and speakers, simultaneous teleconferencing, large integrated projection screen surfaces, and more! Your videoconferences will certainly be a success.

These modern features are combined with the warmth of the natural decor of this meeting room in addition to its floor-to-ceiling windows on one wall, which let in beautiful natural light. Restaurant La Traite acts as an on-site caterer to serve you authentic coffee break refreshments and refined meals.

Find out about room rental and our various meeting packages from our sales team. Reservations required.

Wendake Room

The Wendake room offers several layout possibilities for meetings of 2 to 220 people. This room can be divided into three (3). It is perfect for your meetings in small groups, conventions, or events bringing together several guests. A tech update was recently made to satisfy all your event needs. From Bluetooth connection to streaming your own music to the large integrated projection screens, many tools are in place to meet your audio-visual needs.

Restaurant La Traite acts as an on-site caterer and will prepare a menu adapted to your needs, whether it is small bites for a cocktail hour, various coffee break refreshments, or four-course meals for a lively evening.

Find out about room rental and our various meeting packages from our sales team. Reservations required.

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Workshop Lounge

The Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations offers six (6) rooms that can be transformed into meeting rooms. These rooms, equipped with a Murphy bed, transform quickly and are ideal for meetings with a small committee, for workshops during larger conventions, or simply to serve as a secretariat during your event (capacity: up to eight people). They offer great audiovisual possibilities since presentations and videoconferences can be done directly on the 42-inch televisions in the bedroom. In short, the workshop lounge is a great multipurpose option for your meeting with families or friends.

Huron-Wendat Museum

Do you want a unique and original event? Allow yourself to be charmed by the architecture of the Huron-Wendat Museum, between modernity and authenticity!

Whether it be for a meeting, cocktail or wedding, we are ready to welcome you. Remarkably well-equipped, the Kiowarini Room can be adapted to all receptions. It can accommodate up to 120 people when it is set up for a cocktail, has 3 giant screens with projectors and a sound system. The furniture and the presence of guides are included in the rental as well. You can also enjoy the magnificent exteriors surrounding the museum.

You will be enveloped in the intimate and warm atmosphere of this place full of culture and history!

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